Without your ATM card, the alternatives to transferring money include; the use of the Ecobank transfer code, and Ecobank Pa. If you don’t continue reading this blog post, you will not learn how to transfer money from Ecobank without an ATM card.

How To Transfer Money From Ecobank Without ATM Card By Using Ecobank Pay

If you do not wish to use an ATM card to send money to your family and friends, you can use Ecobank Pay to go about it. Ecobank Pay is a mobile app from Ecobank that allows its customers to make seamless financial transactions with the QR code functionality.

To be able to use Ecobank Pay to transfer money, you need to first off, be a registered Ecobank customer, and download and register the Ecobank Pay app. Here is a stepwise guide on how to use Ecobank Pay to make transactions without ATM cards:

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple store and download and register the Ecobank Pay app.
  • Open the Ecobank Pay app, and choose the “Pay Merchant” option.
  • The next step is to select the “Visa” or “Masterpass” option.
  • Proceed to scan the merchant’s QR code.
  • Key in the amount and the Ecobank account you wish to be debited from.
  • Enter your unique PIN number.
  • Select “OK” in order to confirm the payment.
  • You will then get a confirmation message via the app that the transfer was successful.
  • Lastly, you will get an SMS of your Ecobank debit.

How To Send Money From Ecobank With Ecobank Transfer Code

Without the aid of an ATM card, an Ecobank customer can both transfer money and perform a cardless withdrawal on an ATM machine.

Performing A Cardless Withdrawal On ATM With Ecobank

  • First off, before you can use this functionality, you need to have already activated your Ecobank transfer code
  • Proceed to dial the USSD code for your country, whether it is Nigeria (*326#), Kenya (*335#), Uganda (*235#), or Tanzania (*150*18#).
  • Follow the instructions you see on the screen of your mobile phone to generate a one-time Xpress cash e-token for the desired amount of money you want to transact in the cashless withdrawal.
  • The next step involves looking for an Ecobank ATM and choosing the “Cardless withdrawal” option.
  • Input the e-token number that you generated with your mobile phone a while ago.
  • Key in the desired amount you want to withdraw on the Ecobank ATM.
  • Hit and enter button and take your cash.

Sending Money To Family And Friends With Ecobank Transfer Code

Here are simple steps to follow if you wish to transfer money from your Ecobank account with transfer:

  • Proceed to dial *326# with your mobile phone number.
  • Select the “transfer funds” option.
  • Input the account number of the beneficiary of the transfer, or input a new account number.
  • Select the bank institution that matches the account number in the next screen prompt.
  • Hit the “next” icon.
  • Input the PIN that you use for your financial transactions.

There you go, you have transferred money without the use of an Ecobank ATM card.

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