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If you don’t continue reading this blog post, you will not learn how to buy airtime on Ecobank. We are going to review an in-depth guide on how to do self-recharge, and also recharge other third-party phone numbers from your Ecobank account. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

How To Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account With USSD Code

The easiest of all the airtime buying processes of Ecobank, is airtime self-recharge. Before you can pull this off, you need to have the number you wish to use for the self-recharge, linked with your Ecobank account, and also activated for USSD banking.

Then proceed to dial *326#, followed by the number 3 in order to perform a self-recharge on Ecobank.

Another direct process of performing self-recharge is by making use of the USSD code; *326*Amount#. Kindly note that this USSD code is specific for Nigerian Ecobank customers.

If you are a Kenyan Ecobank customer, then you should dial *335#. As a Tanzania Ecobank customer, simply dial *150*18#. And finally, as a Ugandan dial *235#.

Also worth noting is that in order to buy airtime for other third-party phone numbers with USSD code, you should dial *326*phone number*Amount#.

How To Buy Airtime With Ecobank Mobile App

Another interesting way of buying airtime on Ecobank is by using the Ecobank mobile app. This approach works for both self-airtime recharge and the airtime recharge of other phone numbers that are not linked with your account.

The practical steps to follow are elucidated below:

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple store and install the Ecobank official mobile app.
  • Next up, launch the app, and sign up with your phone number as user ID.
  • Login to the Ecobank mobile and activate it for mobile banking. This can be done by yourself, or by an Ecobank customer care agent.
  • On the user interface of the Ecobank Mobile app, you will see an option to Buy Airtime, Check Balance, Transfer Funds, etc.
  • Select the option “Buy Airtime”.
  • Key in the phone number you wish to recharge, followed by the amount.

There you go! You have successfully recharged airtime with your Ecobank Mobile app.

How To Buy Airtime On Ecobank With ATM 

Recharging your phone number with the ATM machine can work with any bank’s ATM booth. It does not necessarily need to be an Ecobank ATM machine. Here are practical steps to follow in order to recharge your phone number with an ATM machine:

  • Head to the nearest ATM machine.
  • With your debit card or credit card, slot it into the ATM machine.
  • Key in your ATM card four-digit PIN.
  • Navigate to the option “Pay Bills”.
  • Choose “Airtime Recharge”
  • Input the amount and phone number to recharge airtime.
  • If the process was a success, you will get an instant debit alert SMS.

What Is The Daily Recharge Limit Of Ecobank?

The daily recharge limit of Ecobank Nigeria is capped at 5000 naira. This implies that a Nigerian Ecobank customer cannot perform a recharge of more than 5000 naira form their account on a daily basis. In the same vein, the minimum amount that you can recharge airtime on Ecobank is 50 naira. If you reach the daily recharge limit, you have to wait till the next day to buy airtime on Ecobank.

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