How To Block Ecobank ATM Card

Blocking your Ecobank ATM card can turn out to be a pressing issue depending on the challenge you are faced with. The two common reasons why Ecobank customers resort to blocking their ATM cards, is because of theft and loss of their cards. Without further ado, let us delve into our Ecobank ATM card blocking guide.

Why You Should Block Your ATM Card When It Is Stolen Or Missing

The major reason why you should resort to blocking your Ecobank ATM card when it gets missing is that it can be used to perform fraudulent transactions. Most smart scammers that can guess your PIN, have access to your full name, CVV code and digits on your ATM card can make way with the funds inside it.

The first thing you should do when you misplace or lose your card is to block it. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we will be covering how to go about that.

There are four ways you can go about blocking your ATM card. You can use the SMS to block it, visit a physical location of Ecobank, contact customer care, or use Ecobank Mobile app.

How To Block Your Ecobank ATM Card With SMS Functionality

The fastest and the most practical way to block your ATM card is by using SMS functionality. All the Ecobank customer needs to do is to send “STOP ATM” followed the linked ACCOUNT NUMBER to 08063262265 or 0806ECOBANK.

As a practical example, you can send STOP ATM 1234567890 to 08063262265 or 0806ECOBANK.

For this process to work, the SMS has to be sent with a number that is linked to your bank account. Also worth noting is that SMS charges will be accrued for the process to work. When this SMS goes through with success, you Ecobank ATM card will be blocked immediately.

How To Block Ecobank ATM Card With Customer Care Number

Another practical way of blocking Ecobank ATM card is by contacting the bank via their hotlines and official social media handles. This process might not be the fastest way to block your Ecobank ATM card, but it sure is an effective way.

For putting calls across for Ecobank ATM card blocking, use +2347005000000.

For Ecobank customers that wish to use the official social media handles to block their cards, the following are channels that can be used:

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:

On their social media handles, you can message them and inform them that you wish to block your account.

Lastly, you can email Ecobank to deal with your card blocking problems via;

How To Block Ecobank ATM Card By Visiting A Physical Bank Branch

Another slow but practical way of blocking your Ecobank ATM card is by visiting them in their bank branch. There you simply need to walk to the customer care unit, and politely ask them to block your ATM card. The Ecobank customer care representative will ask you to provide a valid means of identification, as well as answer some questions to prove that you own the account in question. If you get your ID documents and questions right, the bank staff will block your Ecobank ATM card right away.

How To Block Your Ecobank ATM Card With Ecobank Mobile App

Using your Ecobank mobile app is a surefire fast way to block your ATM card. However, for this process to work, you need to be a registered Ecobank mobile app user. Also, you need to have your Ecobank Mobile app activated for mobile banking.

Simply login to the app with your User ID and password. Head to account section, and select “Cards”. Click on the Cards option to manage it. You will see an option to block and also unblock your ATM card.

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After blocking your card, you can use the Ecobank mobile app to unblock it at a later date, if you find the card. However, if you don’t find it, apply for a new one.

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