How To Block Access Bank ATM Card

In the course of this article, we will take you through a practical guide on how to block Access bank ATM cards. In the case of theft or loss of ATM card, the best action to take is to block your ATM card. Without further ado, let us explain the three simple methods you can follow to block your Access Cards if need be.

Reasons To Block Your ATM Card After It Goes Missing

Reasons To Block Your ATM Card

Different banks in Nigeria have different approaches to how they go about helping their customers to block their ATM cards. It is your ATM card that gives you access to the money in your bank account. This implies that should anything happen to it, you are liable to lose funds, especially if the card winds up in the wrong hands.

So situations that might warrant an Access bank customer to lose their ATM cards include;

  • Compromise of your Access bank ATM PIN
  • Compromise of your Access Bank Internet banking password
  • Loss of your ATM Card through theft or misplacement

If any of the above-listed events happen to you, there is a need to follow our guide on how to block your Access bank ATM card.

1. How to Block Access Bank ATM Card with USSD Code

One of the stress-free approaches to use to block your Access bank ATM involves using USSD banking. Worth noting is that for this process to work, you need to use the phone number that is linked to your bank account. Follow the below-listed steps to block Access bank ATM Card:

  • On your phone dial *901*11#.

You will be required to key in the phone number and USSD PIN linked to your Access bank account. If any of these details is incorrect, the blocking will not work. Also after giving up the correct details, the ATM card will be blocked.

2. How To Block Access Bank With Mobile Bank App

Other than the use of USSD code, or contacting customer support, another interesting way of blocking Access bank ATM is by using the official Access bank app.

The best way to go about this is to follow the steps elucidated below:

  • Start up the Access bank Mobile app
  • Head over to Cards and Cheques.
  • Proceed to click on “Manage Cards” option.
  • Proceed to click on “Block” and then choose the account that you want to block.
  • Key in your PIN or TOKEN.
  • Block the Access Bank ATM card.

3. How To Block Access Bank ATM Card By Contacting Customer Support

contact customer care to block card

Another interesting way to block Access bank ATM cards is by contacting the Access bank customer support. It is important to note that this procedure is proven to be one of the fastest ways to block your Access bank ATM card.

This method involves reaching out to them via phone call, their social media handles or by email.

Here are hotlines to call in order to block your Access bank ATM card:

  • +234 1733 2000
  • +234 1280 2500
  • +234 1- 2712005-7 (this number is used for card inquiries and queries)
  • 0700 22552 22377 (0700CALLACESS)

For reporting the theft or loss of your Access Bank credit or debit card, call 1 800 554 8969 or 1 8[00 558 3424.

In light of reaching out to Access bank customer support, another way of blocking your ATM card is by sending them an email. The email address that will be used for this correspondence is You can also use their website to log your complaints. The official website to use is

When the above-elucidated steps is completed, the ATM card will be blocked automatically.

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